Library Information

Contact details

Szépművészeti Múzeum Könyvtára (Library of the Museum of Fine Arts)
1068 Budapest, Szondi utca 77
(Postal address: 1396 Budapest 62, Pf. 463)
Phone: +36 (1) 302 1805
E-mail: library[at]

Opening hours

From 14 November until recalled:

Wednesday – Friday: 10:00 – 17:00

The Reading Room is unheated, access to the books is provided in a heated small room on the 2nd floor. The space is limited, and we recommend to wear a face mask.

Remote library services can be requested at library[at]szepmuveszeti[dot]hu.

Rules of library use

  • The library of the Museum of Fine Arts does not lend out books, documents in its holdings can only be read in its reading room. The use of our library requires registration, for which you need to show a valid identification document (ID card, driving licence, passport). By completing the registration, members express their consent to be bound by the rules of library use.
  • There is an open-shelf reference library of 25,000 categorised volumes available in the reading room. The use of the reference library is free of charge.
  • The larger part of the library holdings (ca. 250,000 books and periodical issues) are in storage. The use of documents in storage is only available to those holding a valid reading card. For the fees see the chart below.
  • There is free Wi-Fi use in our library, which you can use with your own device, or you can also access the electronic library documents and databases in our reading room. For a list of available databases see the start page of our online library catalogue.

Fees of library use

Registration ticket free Entitles to consult the library catalogue and the documents in the reading room.
1-year reading card full price HUF 2,000 Entitles to use the entire library holdings.
with student card HUF 1,000
For people over 70, and for staff members of public collections and libraries/archives (certification required) free
1-day reading card HUF 500
other fees photocopying (A4) HUF  25/page  
scanning (A4) HUF  40/page
photographs with own device HUF 500/day
replacement of lost reading card HUF 500
replacement of lost cloakroom key HUF 500

Please note: we can only accept cash payments.

  • The physically disabled can access the building through the side entrance for freight vehicles. The library on the first floor can be accessed from the ground floor by lift too. Should you have any problems, please phone the reception at +36 (1) 302 1805 and they will be happy to assist you.
  • No food, drink, bags, coats and umbrellas are allowed in the reading room. All such belongings must be stored in the cloakroom on the ground floor, which can be used free of charge. Keys for the cloakroom lockers are provided at the reception. You can eat and make phone calls in the ground floor lobby and in the garden.
  • The tables in the reading room are fitted with power sockets. The library does not take responsibility for laptops left unattended.
  • You can freely take books off the open shelves in the reading room. Please DO NOT put the books back on the shelves after use but either leave them on the tables or return them to a staff member.
  • Books kept in the library’s storage facility can be searched in the online catalogue and the filled in request form must be handed to a staff member. Volumes requested from the library’s own storage facility are typically delivered to readers within ten minutes after the request is submitted, while requests for those in the museum’s main building take 1-2 working days to process. The requested books must always be returned to a staff member.
  • Advance bookings can be made for volumes in the library’s storage facility. A maximum of five books can be requested in this way for a maximum period of one week. Books being held for over a week will be returned to their original locations. No advance booking is possible for volumes in the open-shelf reading room.
  • If the condition of the given publication allow it, its photocopying and digital copying can be ordered in the reading room. Copies of publications printed prior to 1950 are only made in exceptional cases.

Recommended exhibitions