Fine Art Bistro

Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday 10.00-17.30, Saturday – Sunday 09.00-18.30, only with an admission ticket to the museum.


Dining and culture are intertwined, especially in certain genres of painting. It is enough to think about the still-lifes, whose themes often include bread, wine, fruit and vegetables, regarded as symbols of life. Or let’s take Cézanne, who found the ideal ground for artistic exploration in apples and slanting table boards. 

Why choose the Fine Art Bistro?
It is a café and a self-service restaurant in one to provide visitors with the best possible experience.
It combines progressive gastronomy with tradition.
It uses the highest quality ingredients and the most advanced technology.
Its high standard service is spiced up with a genuine smile.

for individuals (max. 10 persons):

for groups (from 10 persons):
Nikolett Mag  +36-30-952-1737

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