Art and the appreciation of art is an expression of the man’s desire and ability to create.

Our museum educators address all generations: our aim is not so much to teach but to inspire and to arouse enthusiasm. We initiate conversations, use games and encourage creativity. We aspire to break down the walls that stand in the way of experiencing our creative powers. We seek to awaken latent talents and abilities, while also bringing awareness to the fact that, the path to our own creativity leads through appreciating the honouring the creations of others.

Our Museum Educators

Ágnes Mertus

If we know too little of something, we might easily consider it boring, as we don’t understand or know how to approach it. In presenting the artwork to visitors, I seek to open up secret doors and passage ways, in hopes that this will rouse their curiosity enough to want to continue along the path on their own afterward.

Dóra Lovass

On my guided tours and in my workshops, I invite participants – whatever their age may be – on an adventure of the intellect and spirit, where I simultaneously present a work of art from a number of perspectives, offering a range of explanations and opinions. In doing so, I aim to facilitate a conversation – a true exchange of ideas – between us.

Edina Deme

head of department

I must open up to visitors so that they, too, can open up. I must own my opinion, so that they can also be bold enough to share their own thoughts.

Fruzsina Kun

Fine arts, illustration, design – three things that occupy my mind.
There is no environment more inspirational than the museum to get the visitor to discover new perspectives through the language of visuality.

Gabriella Dembitz

The museum is a treasure house. The works of art held here tell us stories about different moments of the past; they help transport us to bygone epochs and cultures. I find it important that, during this journey, the ordinary people of times past come to life as well.

Judit Cser

I have the opportunity to render the art of many hundreds of years personally accessible and lovable in an infinitely inspiring milieu. To me, the museum is a space of science and a playground all in one.

Krisztina Mácsay

dep. head of department

A twinkling pair of eyes, a hand swung high into the air, a nod in agreement, or even a doubtful shake of the head – my goal is to elicit some kind of reaction in those who trustingly turn to me during their museum visit.

Szilvia Záray

The most important thing for me is to encourage the visitor to get in contact with the artwork, beyond the I-like-it or the I-don’t-like-it attitude, to try to discover it, to put it into context. A good question can start everything…

Vera Kovács

In today’s world of visual overstimulation, we often feel exasperated, alone and lost, when we when see what surrounds us. At the Museum, we have the opportunity to share in the joys of art , beauty and life with others – which is really important.