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12. EUROPEAN ART 1250-1600

XII. Painting in Tuscany at the Turn of the 14th-15th Centuries | Gothic and Early Renaissance in North Italy
XIII. Early Renaissance Painting in Central Italy
17. Portable Objects
18. The Beginnings of Italian Painting
19. Altarpieces and their Fragments in the Early 16th Century
20-21. Late Gothic and Early Renaissance Painting in the Low Countries
22. Artistic Centres in the Low Countries in the Early 16th Century
23. Tradition and Innovation in Netherlandish Painting
XIV. German Gothic Painting in the 15th Century
XV. The German Renaissance and the Age of Reformation: Late 15th – 16th Century
XVI. Art in Spain in the 15th – 16th Centuries | Spanish Retables
XVII. Under the Spell of Bellini and Gioirgione
XVIII. Mannerism in Central Italy
XIX. The Paths Leading to and from Raphael
XX. Leonardism and other Movements in Lombardy
XXI. The Cinquecento in Venice
XXII. Pieter Bruegel and his Times
XXIII. The Emergence of New Genres in 16th-Century Netherlandish Art
XXIV. El Greco and his Times
XXV. Art in Court of Rudolph II


I. The Beginnigs of the Baroque in Italy
II. Followers of Caravaggio
III. Flanders, the Northern Cradle of Baroque Painting
IV. Under the Spell of Rembrandt
V. High Baroque Painting in Italy
VI. The Grand Siècle of French Painting
1. Court Painting in France
VII. The Paths of German Painting in the Seventeenth Century
2. Baroque Faces without Wigs
3. Transience and Splendour
VIII. The Golden Age of Spanish Painting
4. The Art of Light and Shade in Spain
5. Portrait Painting in the Spanish Habsburg Court
6. Veneration of the Blessed Virgin and the Holy Family in Spain
XIX. Pronk and Vanitas Still Lifes in the Netherlands
7. The Still Life in Italy and Spain
8. The Living and the Dead  – Dutch Animal Depictions in the Seventeenth Century
9. Evocative Netherlandish Still Lifes
X. From Frozen Canals to Sand Dunes: Landscape Painting in the Netherlands
10. Pleasure and Moralising in Dutch Genre Paintings
11. Gallant Companies and Earthly Pleasures
12. Tobacco Smoke and Noisy Taverns
13. Glory to God and the Homeland: Church Interiors in the Netherlands
14. French Taste and Classicizing Tendencies in Dutch Painting
XI. The Past Brought to Life: Seventeenth Century Netherlandish Portraits
15. British Portraiture in the Seventeenth Century
16. British Geniuses in Eighteenth Century Painting