Art Lecture Series – Sharing Art. Loan Management of the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

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Art Lecture Series – Sharing Art. Loan Management of the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

April 16, 2019

10:15 - 12:00

Location in museum: Schikedanz Hall (1st floor)

Lecturer: Katalin Borbély

Everyone is welcome – the lectures are open to all.

The Docent Programme’s spring season will give an insight of the everyday life in our museum. The lecturers will be talking about their field of interest, the hard or funny moments of their work. Scholars will be giving lectures about the development of their projects, while the lawyer, the registrar, and the head of the Visitor Service Department will be sharing their working experiences with us. There will be two Bible illuminates Art lectures as well, to help us understand the thoughts of medieval and renaissance religious people concerning the visual art.

How does it work?

Art and more – the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest on a wider spectrum

Docents are trained museum volunteers who engage with visitors to facilitate meaningful experiences of the artworks. The Docent Guides encourage visitors’ inquiry and guarantee the enjoyment of the exhibitions. The recruitment for the new training will be open in September, but until then, in our Spring Season, you can experience the ambience of the Docent Programme: the quality of our lectures, the warmth of a friendly group, and you can peep behind the scenes of the Museum of Fine Arts.

Tuesdays or Thursdays 10.15 – 12.00 |12 March to 14 May

For Docents and Docents-in-Training: free.
For guests: HUF 2,500 per lecture

Please buy the ticket online or at the cashier in the lobby of the Museum of Fine Arts before the lecture. Please ask for a “Docent Art Lecture Ticket”.