De l’Art et d’Autre, Paris

De l’Art et d’Autre, Paris

Our COOBA objective

We want to create opportunities for young people from immigrant backgrounds to learn soft skills with an innovative non-formal method, in the unique context of museums. In addition, our objective is to also provide resources to trainers and facilitators to enable them to use our method on a self-guided visit or in classrooms. Furthermore, we propose interdisciplinary activities in which practices usually isolated from one another meet, notably artistic mediation, bodily expression and the fostering of soft skills.

De l’art et d’autre

De l’art et d’autre is a company that provides services in the field of cultural and art education, as well as in bodily expression. Aiming to foster basic and soft skills, De l’art et d’autre has developed methodologies and manuals which combine museum pedagogy, art history, conversation analysis and intercultural studies. It also provides workshops and training for a very heterogeneous audience: ranging from art lover individuals, through education professionals, work teams, to the social sector. De l’Art et D’autre has a pluridisciplinary team of experts who come from the field of art history, linguistics, didactics, and intercultural approaches.


Paris has always been an attractive destination for migrants. Although until the end of World War II the city mainly welcomed people from European countries, today half of the immigrants come from Africa, 18% from Asia and 27% still from Europe. In France it is in Paris and its region, Ile-de-France, that has the greatest proportion of foreigners: 18% of the population comes from immigration. Among them are representatives of almost all the countries of the world.

Project Team Members

Augustin Lefebvre

De l’Art et d’Autre

Augustin Lefebvre is a PhD holder in language sciences. His PhD analyses the embodied interactions of Aikido practice relying on the analysis of video-recordings. His further research focuses on language and the body in social interaction. He has practiced Aikido continually since 1995, including six years in Japan. He received the grade of instructor both from Japan and from France. He has more than 10 years of experience in teaching French as foreign language in Paris and in Tokyo.

Julia Nyikos

De l’Art et d’Autre

Julia Nyikos (PhD) is a specialist in aesthetics, science and technology of arts and has been teaching art history to young adults and adults in public and private institutions since 2004. She frequently conducts tours in museums and runs interactive workshops in the field of art history. She regularly develops and tests new methods and approaches in cultural mediation, based on her scientific research and her field experience.

Vera Varhegyi

De l’Art et d’Autre

Vera Varhegyi has 15 years of experience in intercultural training designed to foster the development of intercultural competences for teachers, trainers, animators and migrants living in cultural contact zones. She was trained by Margalit Cohen-Emerique in the methods of critical incidents. Vera followed went on several training courses connected to Theatre of the Oppressed, with a particular interest in applying arts for the development of intercultural competences and dynamics.