Guided tours

Book a guided tour of our permanent or temporary exhibitions!

Guided tours

Book a guided tour of our permanent or temporary exhibitions! In addition to pre-arranged sessions, we also hold monthly Museum Walks, where our museum educators will cover special and current themes. We also hold guided tours for our visitors with special needs in our exhibition spaces, all of which are wheelchair accessible.

Purchase your ticket for the Museum Walk, or join us on one of our free, Hungarian- or English-language guided tours of the exhibitions, held on a daily basis by our volunteers!

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Guided Tours of the Exhibitions

Let’s explore together!

We offer comprehensive and thematic guided tours of all permanent and temporary exhibitions. Rather than aiming to merely pass on a mass of information, we encourage our visitors to form their own opinions, to establish a personal contact with works of art, and to encounter topics and subjects relevant to them in our exhibition spaces. We facilitate learning in an entertaining format, while also pointing to broader cultural- and art-historical contexts.

The hour-long tours begin between 10:30 am and 4:30 pm for all generations (6-99). For each tour, we welcome a maximum of 30 participants. Guided tours in English and other foreign languages cost 16.000,-Ft/group.

Registration is possible by writing to to the Museum Education Department.
Due to the coming holiday season at the end of the year, we can accept requests only from 4 January, 2019.

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