September 19, 2019

18:00 - 22:00

Location in museum: Szépművészeti Múzeum

At our September Museum+ evening visitors will have the opportunity to view the permanent collection and also our new temporary, chamber exhibition Rembrandt and his Pupils.

The 2019 Museum+ evenings organised around the new permanent exhibitions of the Museum of Fine Arts can be visited thanks to the generous support of OTP Bank and MVM Hungarian Electricity Plc.

Our successful Museum+ series continues in 2019 with nine evenings of extended opening hours. The more than ten-year-old programme series introduces brand new themes every month at its usual events. Guided tours, workshops, guest stars, concerts, dance and literary performances, fine food and special wine selections will help you to explore the museum’s collections.

Kick off the evening with us, bring your date here, discover the revamped collections and charge yourselves up with new experiences.

The events can be visited with a valid admission ticket.

At our September Museum+ evening visitors will have the opportunity to view the permanent collection and also our new temporary, chamber exhibition Rembrandt and his Pupils – Drawings and Etchings from the Collections of the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest. Tickets are available also during the evening at our ticket desks.

TAPAS AND WINE VARIATIONS from the Fine Art Bistro

LOUNGE BAR – Andrea Szabadi & Panda live handpan and DJ session
How do opposites find each other? A woman versus a man, acoustic instruments versus electronics, world music versus modern rhythms, live improvisation versus fixed loops – exciting meetings from beginning to end. And how does it all sound? Listen to it here:

Andi (Andrea Szabadi) is one of the first women in Hungary who became a handpan artist. She performs at concerts regularly and plays accompaniment to various movement, curative and women’s therapies and yoga classes. She views music as a PRAYER, as celebration: “I keep walking in the street, write songs, and when I am making music and I am singing I put my heart on a plate and life is beautiful, life is horrifying, life is wonderful. And I keep putting one foot before the other.” Her band Kaan Luum has two CDs and they have won prizes at several Hungarian and international talent shows. Besides being a musician, Andi is also a yoga instructor.
Panda has been part of the art scene for a long time. He is a cantor, a ceramic artist, a folk musician, a writer, a kindergarten teacher and of course a DJ. “I have been making music since about the age of five. First I was a folk musician and then a pianist; after that I played the organ and also the bassoon, but then I had an accident and my finger doesn’t work properly, so since then I have had to stop it all. I have only been able to play the recorder again in the last few years using a special technique.” In his music boldly experiments with everything from goa through noise music and depressing triphop to controversial pop music. In his Electroacoustic project he steps outside the conventional role of a DJ and tries to fuse his fixed loops with acoustic instruments and live improvisation.
Venue: Marble Hall

7 p.m. and 8.30 p.m. by Szilvia Záray – Who Influenced the Great Influencers? (room XIII, European Art 1250–1600)

6 p.m. – 9 p.m. WORKSHOP – Creative Corner
Creatures of the Romanesque Hall – Make your own bestiary
Explore, tame and take home the creatures on the walls of the museum’s most ornate hall.
Led by Fruzsina Kun
Venue: Romanesque Hall

6.15 p.m. – 9.15 p.m. HANDS ON!
The Museum of Fine Arts is the first in Hungary to let visitors discover its collection not only by looking at artefacts but also by touching them. The original pieces selected for this purpose from the collection of Egyptian Antiquities – e.g. amulets, a heart scarab and a canopy jar – are introduced by the museum’s trained volunteers weekly, at times announced in advance.
Venue: Ancient Egypt exhibition 

ANCIENT TIMES REVIVED in the Collection of Classical Antiquities
Actors donning the costumes of ancient persons and playing their roles tell stories about the artworks in the exhibition of the Ancient Antiquities collection and through them about the period and their everyday life.
6.30 p.m. Meeting a maenad (Erika Manyasz)
7.30 p.m. Meeting a Roman sculptor (Ádám Boros)

ART BONBON – Classical and contemporary reflections – music, dance, poetry and improvisation in the collections
Strange things happen in a gallery at night. Have you ever felt that an enticing melody, a poem or a movement would be a perfect match for a work of art as it would convey the sensation, the moment, the fleeting magic you experience when looking at it? This evening interesting melodies, well-known poems and movements will accompany the artworks in the museum’s galleries, infusing them with new colour and life.

We kindly inform our visitors that due to artwork protection the number of participants in the guided tours is limited and on a first come, first served basis. Please make your plans accordingly.