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ADMISSION: With the Long Night of Museums armband, from 4.30 pm at the main entrance. Due to security reasons, the opening hours of the museum may be modified if the exhibition spaces are overcrowded. Admission to the events is restricted and visitors can enter in the order of arrival due to artwork protection regulations. The expected time of last admissions (for all visitors, including those with the Long Night of Museums armband) is 1 am. It is recommended that you visit our webpage ( when planning your visit. We reserve the right to change the programme.

During the Long Night of Museums, you can visit the following exhibitions at the Museum of Fine Arts:

Temporary exhibition:
Triumph of the Body. Michelangelo and Sixteenth-Century Italian Draughtsmanship
Ground floor, temporary exhibition space
Michelangelo’s masterpieces – brought to the Hungarian public for the first time – can be viewed at the exhibition of the Museum of Fine Arts, running from 6 April. The eighty displayed works by the Renaissance master and his contemporaries include thirty nude studies by Michelangelo, loaned by the world’s most prestigious collections such as the British Museum in London, the Uffizi and the Casa Buonarotti in Florence, the Louvre in Paris, the Albertina in Vienna and the Teylers Museum in Haarlem. The drawing recently discovered in a private collection and identified as the earliest drawing by the teenage Michelangelo goes on public display at this exhibition for the first time.


Renoir: Reclining Nude – dossier exhibition
Ground floor, Michelangelo room

Permanent exhibitions:

  • Classical Antiquities (basement level)
  • Egyptian Antiquities (basement level)
  • European Art 1250–1600 (first level)
  • European Sculpture 1350–1600 (second level)
  • Hungarian Art 1600–1800 (third level)


LOUNGE – DJ cLAIRVO’s music all through the night

iWALL – the world’s biggest museum LCD wall
Browse at your leisure among the more than 300 artworks displayed on the world’s biggest (15 metres long!) interactive touch-screen in the Marble Hall.

Guided tours whenever you want, wherever you want
Scan this QR code with your mobile and pick any one of our large selection of recommended tours through the museum’s collections. Whether you choose ‘From False Beards to Hipster Beards’ or ‘Renaissance Guide to Relationships’, it is up to you how much time you want to devote to each work during your walk through the renewed permanent exhibitions of the Museum of Fine Arts.

Interactive guided tours for children aged 6–12 in the Collection of Old Masters’ Paintings.
5.15 pm – 6 pm and 6.15 pm – 7 pm – Szilvia Záray
In focus: treasures in the collections of the revamped Museum of Fine Arts

Guided tours in the following exhibitions: European Art, Hungarian Art, European Sculpture, and Classical Antiquity:
7 pm and 8.30 pm           Miklós Vasdinnyey’s guided tour in the European Art exhibition
8.30 pm and 10 pm         Krisztina Pokol’s guided tour in the European Art exhibition
6.30 pm                                Marija Nyikolajeva’s guided tour in the European Sculpture exhibition 
8 pm                                       Marija Nyikolajeva’s guided tour in the Hungarian Art exhibition 
8 pm and 9 pm                  Dóra Lovass’s guided tour in the dossier exhibition organised around Auguste Renoir’s Reclining Nude
8 pm                                       Patrícia Szikora’s guided tour titled Maenads and Satyrs: Followers of Dionysus in Ecstasy in the Classical Antiquity exhibition 
6 pm                                       Eszter Süvegh’s guided tour around the museum: is the museum the temple of the arts? – Antique motifs decorating the museum building

6.30 pm, 7.30 pm, 8.30 pm, 9.30 pm Guided tours in the Ancien Egypt exhibition

 6 pm – 9 pm  HANDS ON!
Take some of the museum’s pieces made thousands of years ago in your hands and find out more about them.
Workshop held by Julianna Bauge, Krisztina Kovács, and Bettina Szűcs, volunteers of the museum, in the Chamber of Secrets of the Collection of Egyptian Antiquities

The Museum of Fine Arts is the first in Hungary to let visitors discover its collection not only by looking at artefacts but also by touching them. The original pieces selected for this purpose from the collection of Egyptian Antiquities – e.g., amulets, a heart scarab, and a canopy jar – are introduced by the museum’s trained volunteers weekly, at times announced in advance.

Meeting point: Information desk
6.30 pm     A walk through the  Romanesque Hall (Mária Rieger)
7.30 pm     A walk through the halls (Dr Zsófia Wagner)
8.30 pm     A walk through the halls (Dániel Szilágyi)

6 pm – 10 pm
Make tiny, colourful panel pictures using oil pastel chalk based on details from paintings in the museum’s collection
Photo corner:
Put on some (almost) authentic accessories and be someone else while your picture is being taken in the museum’s Romanesque Hall.

Classical and contemporary reflections – music, dance, theatre, poetry and improvisation in the permanent exhibitions
Strange things happen in a gallery at night. Have you ever felt that an enticing melody, a poem, or a movement would be a perfect match for a work of art as it would convey the sensation and the magic you experience when looking at it? This evening interesting melodies, well-known poems, and movements will accompany the artworks in the museum’s galleries, infusing them with new colour and life.