Egyptian Adventure

Many people, both children and adults, are fans of ancient Egyptian culture. But how many of them know what to do with the contents of a mysterious suitcase left behind in a hurry by an Egyptologist?

The Travelling Suitcase game awaits visitors to the Collection of Egyptian Antiquities with mysteries and exciting puzzles to be solved as well as an adventure tour with magical dangers lurking on the journey. The aim of the game? To locate Dr György Sipos, who works at one of the most important excavation in Egypt and to return his suitcase to him that’s full of priceless objects.

This family adventure develops children’s skill such as orientation, visual memory, vocabulary while the teamwork and the consultation enhance the cohesion of the family.

The Travelling Suitcase can be loaned between 10 am and 4 pm at the information desk in the entrance lobby. The duration of lending is maximum three hours.

Duration of the game Target audience Number of players Admission ticket Loan fee
70-80’ Families maximum 3 children per adult Detailed information here. 2,000 HUF

Our visitors said the following about the Egyptian Travelling Suitcase adventure:

I think it is a great activity. It encourages children to want to go to museums.

It was super for us adults too. Really high standard, made my brain work too.

The game with the map was the best because we had the opportunity to study the map, and we really love geography. It was interesting to study real hieroglyphs. It was a great experience. The children managed on their own too, they only needed some help now and then.


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