Tracing the Goblin

Duration: 75

Maximum group size: max. 3 children / 1 adult

Price: 2000 HUF

The museum has put its Family Adventure Kits on hold until further notice. Please check our website for further information.

The Museum of Fine Arts has issued an arrest warrant against an unknown perpetrator. Be careful: the perpetrator is highly irksome.

There is complete chaos in the gallery of the Museum of Fine Arts: the perpetrator has melted into thin air and the only hope left to the museum is that children will help.

According to the first statement by experts, a magical being known as the City Park Goblin slipped into the museum building on the eve of the 1 June and has left lasting clues behind in the gallery of European masterpieces. The goblin at large used its magical power, strictly forbidden by museum regulations, to commit the crime. It was this magical power that enabled the goblin to sneak in and out of the museum without being seen by the surveillance cameras and the security guards, and the reason why it still hasn’t been caught.

The identification and apprehension of the magical perpetrator is made especially hard as it can only be spotted by children. The only hope of the Museum of Fine Arts is that children coming to the museum can provide a true-to-life phantom image about the trouble-maker goblin by carefully examining the clues it left behind. The suitcase containing the file on the investigation will be handed over to helpful minors (accompanied by adults) at the information desk.

The public can keep up-to-date about the case here. This major investigation will end with an exhibition where the phantom pictures and the most imaginative descriptions of the goblin will be displayed. The results will be posted by the museum here.

The travelling suitcase can be loaned from Tuesday to Sunday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. at the information desk for a maximum duration of three hours.



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