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European Art 1250-1600

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Colouring sheets

Ten-minute creativity for the kids, ten-minute rest for the parents, and a great opportunity for everyone to see the masterpieces of the Museum of Fine Arts in new colours.

Our colouring pages are downloadable, printable, online-colourable. Lines are to be crossed!

Drawing lessons

Draw a squirrel!

We all love squirrels. We are happy when we catch a glimpse of them in the park: they are funny and agile, and even their chewing is intelligent. But how do we draw them? Discover the shapes you can use when drawing a squirrel.

If you want to find out what other animals the squirrel is among, see here.

Draw a horse!

Drawing a horse is not easy, especially if we take the work of a master like Jan Brueghel the elder as an example. But it is not impossible! With the following instructions in mind, draw with us step by step by using the downloadable drawing lesson.

  1. First, try to simplify what you see. Explore the geometric shapes.
  2. Once you have the “skeleton”, add the “meat”, the muscles, the weight.
  3. Develop the drawing in a relatively uniform way. Don’t get stuck on the details, keep looking at the whole thing!
  4. If you feel that something is not right, look for the positive and negative shapes.
  5. Shade, in order to induce plasticity. Also evoke the texture of the different forms, i.e. skin shall look skin, fur shall look fur.


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