Bachelorette Party: The Golden Apple

Duration: 120

Maximum group size: 12

Price: 35 000 HUF

When the Goddess of Discord was not invited to a wedding banquet, she took revenge by throwing a golden apple which she had inscribed with ’for the fairest one’ amidst the divine wedding guests. Her plan worked as three beautiful goddesses fell out over who the apple should go to. The most beautiful mortal, Paris, the prince of Troy, was asked to decide the rivalry. The three goddesses tried to outdo each other with their promises to influence Paris but in the end he listened to his heart and chose love…

Who shall be given the golden apple?

The apple, a symbol of love and sexuality, has been associated with women since time immemorial. At the bridal shower organised at the museum, femininity will be at the focus of attention and we will be looking for specific answers to universal questions. We will explore compelling stories with timeless messages conveyed by a selection of artefacts in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts with the aim of equipping the bride-to-be with the knowledge she needs to embark upon her new path. But more importantly perhaps, inspiring role models from art and loving friends will accompany the star of the event on her journey to find the golden apple.

The path leading to the golden apple is paved with fun and delight

The idea of organising bridal showers at the Museum of Fine Arts was inspired by the experiences of the young women who work here. The exclusive and personalised event will begin with some sparkling wine, after which the bride-to-be and her entourage will face fun challenges, such as writing free poetry, solving an anatomy quiz and much more. It will even turn out how passionate we are when it comes to love.





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