Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

Our COOBA objective

We would like to encourage groups at risk of social exclusion, especially Roma youth, to visit and revisit the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts and participate in workshops geared towards them. They will be invited to explore art in unexpected ways in a personal and convivial atmosphere.

Learning Department

The Learning Department provides art education to all age groups, including disadvantaged youth and groups at risk of social exclusion. Our outreach programme also supports initiatives for the mentally and physically handicapped, and the visually impaired.

Museum of Fine Arts

Often described as the “Paris of the East,” Budapest glories in hundreds of museums and galleries. Among the most important of them is the Museum of Fine Arts. It hosts one of Hungary’s most significant public collections: universal and Hungarian fine art from the 13th to the 18th century, prints and drawings, as well as the art of Ancient Egypt and Classical Antiquity.


Budapest is the capital and the most populous city of Hungary. The population is about 1,750,000. Various estimates have put the number of Roma people in Hungary as high as 4–10 percent of the total population, which makes them the largest minority in the country. The current estimate of the number of Roma in Budapest is 120,000. Most Roma have been linguistically assimilated and speak Hungarian as a first language. Nonetheless, they suffer profound social and economic marginalization, stigmatization and discrimination.

Project Team Members

Edina Deme

Szépművészeti Múzeum

Edina Deme pursued her studies in Hungary and the United States. She regularly conducts museum tours, gives lectures on art history, trains guides, develops special museum workshops for all age groups and persons with disabilities, and organises tactile exhibitions for the blind. She has published articles on Hungarian history and education, and has been writing and editing museum publications in Hungarian and English.

Mácsay Krisztina

Szépművészeti Múzeum

Krisztina Mácsay started working for the Fine Arts museum as a tour guide and became enamoured with the art collections. She decided to get an art history degree as an adult. While studying she had already been asked to join the team of the Learning Department. Since then she regularly conducts guided tours and workshops for children and adults, runs summer camps, trains guides and gives lectures on art history.