Opening hours

Everyone is welcome, no need for immunity certificate. We recommend to wear a facemask in the museum.

Please kindly note, that because the false bomb alarms sent to the Museum of fine arts as to other institutions in Budapest, we may control of bags when entering the building. thank you for your patience and kind cooperation.

Opening hours
Monday: closed
Tuesday to Sunday: all exhibitions open from 10.00
Ticket office and admission: until 17.00
Closing of exhibitions starts at 17.30

Museum Shop: 10.00–17.45
Fine Art Café: 10.00–17.30 (only with admission ticket)

Long opening hours on the exhibition The Enigmatic World of Hieronymus Bosch
Saturday and Sunday: admission between 09.00-18.00 – depending on the free places, closing at 18.45.
The permanent exhibitions open as usual.

Friday, 20 May: One section of the permanent exhibitioin Classical Antiquities are closed, the Romanesque Hall closes at 16:00.
Saturday, 21 May: walking route in the Romanesque Hall is limited.
Tueasday, 24 May:  we can provide insight only into the Romanesque Hall until 16:30.

Sunday, 5 June:
admission to the Bosch-exhibition between 09.00-18.00, closing at 18.45,
Monday, 6 June: admission to the Bosch-exhibition between 10.00-17.00, closing at 17.45.
The permanent exhibitions both days open as usual.

Tuesday, 7 June : admission to the Bosch-exhibition between 10.00-17.00, closing at 17.45.
The permanent exhibitions are closed.



  • Audio guide service is available to the permanent exhibitions for a fee of HUF 900 also in foreign languages: in English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Japanese.
  • Groups can visit the exhibitions on their own. For inquiries about group visits please write to
  • On-site guided tours may be ordered for groups, for more information please write to
  • Backpacks, bags larger than 30 × 40 cm, umbrellas and wet coats are not permitted in the exhibition areas, usual cloakroom and cabinets are available for their placement. Cabinets can only be used with a 100 HUF coin (or 1 EUR), and we cannot provide exchange.


Recommended exhibitions