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Votive Relief: The Eleusinian Gods Baumann & Beckmann (cast maker)


Baumann & Beckmann (cast maker) Athens, 19-20th century

Date early 20th century
Object type plaster cast
Medium, technique plaster

219×153 (above 150) x20,5 cm

Inventory number Ag.2
Collection Classical Antiquites - Plaster casts
On view Star Fortress (Komárom), Classical Greek and Classicising Roman Art: The Gods, Gallery IV

Demeter stands on the left in a long, thick robe (peplos), with her hair down. She may have held a metal ear of grain in her right hand, and there is a sceptre in her left hand. A naked hero in sandals, perhaps Triptolemos, faces her. With one hand, he gathers the edge of his mantle, thrown over the right shoulder, and accepts the present of the goddess with the other. Persephone, the daughter of Demeter, stands behind him in chiton and mantle. She holds a torch in one hand, and touches the head of the youth supportively with the other. The relief may represent an important Eleusinian myth: the goddesses send Triptolemos to teach humanity the art of agriculture.

This record is subject to revision due to ongoing research.

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