Virgin and Child with Two Angels Lorenzo Bregno


Lorenzo Bregno Verona 1475/1485 – 1525 Venice

Date: 1515–1516
Medium: marble
Dimensions: 50 × 41 × 10 cm, Madonna. 29 kg 43 × 25.5 × 7 cm, jobb oldali angyal 45.5 × 22 × 6 cm, bal oldali angyal
Type: sculpture
Inventory number: 1108
Collection: Sculpture

Lorenzo Bregno worked in Venice and Treviso and is believed to have studied under Tullio Lombardo. Originally, the Virgin and Child relief was part of an altar dedicated to Saint Sebastian. The altar was commissioned from the sculptor in 1515 for the Church of Santa Margherita in Treviso. Today, the various parts of the altar can be found in different places: the statue of Saint Sebastian is in the Duomo of Treviso, the niche and the architectural frame are in the Church of San Leonardo in Treviso, and the composition of the Virgin and Child with Two Angels,
which once formed the top of the relief, is preserved in the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest. The Virgin and Child with Two Angels originally formed the upper part of the altar, and was positioned very high up. Accordingly, the sculptor executed the work specifically to be viewed from below.

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