Virgin and Child Francesco di Giorgio Martini (after)


Francesco di Giorgio Martini (after) Siena 1439 – 1501 Siena

Date: 15th century
Medium: terracotta
Dimensions: 60 × 42 × 9 cm, 23 kg with frame: 132 × 69 × 15.5 cm
Type: relief
Inventory number: 1117
Collection: Sculpture

The Florentine Donatello is regarded as the leading and most important sculptor of the 15th century, and his art proved influential throughout Italy. His Madonna versions were so popular that artists were still copying them even decades after Donatello’s death. The relief in Budapest may be based on the composition of a lost Madonna created during Donatello’s late period in Siena. The detailed
Budapest relief was probably modelled by the architect, sculptor, and painter Francesco di Giorgio Martini, who was also active in Siena.

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