Study to the Sculpture of Writer Madame Séverine Auguste Rodin


Auguste Rodin Paris, 1840 – Meudon, 1917

Date: ca. 1893
Medium: black crayon on paper
Dimensions: 321 × 270 mm
Type: drawing
Inventory number: 1935-2767
Collection: Prints and Drawings

Caroline Rémy, who also used the pen name Madame Séverine, belonged to Rodin’s circle of friends, and often defended the sculptor in the press when he was aggressively criticised. In 1893 Rodin modelled a portrait sculpture of her, which was later cast in bronze. In preparation for this sculpture the artist drew several studies of Madame Séverine’s head from various viewpoints; this typically sculptural drawing, emphasizing the plasticity of the face, is one of these studies.

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