Saint George and the Dragon Giovanni Francesco Rustici


Giovanni Francesco Rustici Florence 1474 – 1554 Tours

Date: ca. 1515
Medium: marble
Dimensions: 29 × 48 × 4 cm, 14 kg with frame: 45 × 64 × 7.5 cm
Type: relief
Inventory number: 1138
Collection: Sculpture

Although Giovan Francesco Rustici did not have any formal apprenticeship, his Preaching of Saint John the Baptist over the northern gate of the Florence
Baptistery is a masterpiece that ranks him among the greatest Italian sculptors. The Budapest shallow relief (rilievo schiacciato) was inspired by Donatello’s
(1386/1387−1466) work of the same subject dating from a century before, while Rustici borrowed some of its details from paintings by Paolo Uccello (ca. 1397−1475) and Sandro Botticelli (1444 or 1445−1510), and evoked antiquity by including the Pantheon. The rearing horse of Saint George reflects Leonardo’s (1452−1519) invention, exemplified by the famous bronze Horse and Rider in Budapest. These sophisticated references were principally addressed to humanists from the sculptor’s circle.

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