Lamentation over the Dead Christ Leonard Astl


Leonard Astl active in Upper Austria between 1505 and 1523

Date: early 16th century
Medium: carved and painted limewood
Dimensions: 73 x 107 x 20 cm with base: 77.5 × 108 × 20 cm
Type: relief
Inventory number: 52.968
Collection: Sculpture

The sculptor Lienhart Astl ran a workshop between
1505 and 1523 in the city of Gmunden, Upper
Austria. His name (signature) was engraved in
a relief of the Marian Altar in Hallstatt (Austria),
one of the most significant carved altarpieces
in Late Gothic art. Based on a style analysis of
the altar, several sculptures could be identified
as Astl’s work, influenced by the Danube School
of contemporary South German painting. In the
Budapest group, the locks of hair and the oval and
angular face of Saint John the Evangelist in the
background are indicative of Astl’s carving style.

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