Christ Carrying the Cross Robert Moreau


Robert Moreau documented, Paris between 1532 and 1540

Date: 1520–1530
Medium: oak wood
Dimensions: 40 × 36 × 8 cm
Type: relief
Inventory number: 84.10
Collection: Sculpture

In the Netherlands, sculpture and painting workshops produced carved altars, reliefs, and painted panels on a large scale, so the trade of these artefacts increased throughout Europe. The market needed to be regulated, and so the sculptors and painters began to use maker’s marks, burnt into the wood. Such marks were a sign of quality, and they enabled the object to be easily identified. The sculptors of the guild in Antwerp marked their sculptures with the form of a small hand from 1470 onwards. The fragment of an altar with Christ bearing the cross also has this guild marking.

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