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Anthropoid Coffin of a Child

Date 980–930 BC
Object type tomb equipment
Medium, technique wood, paint, varnish

113.5 x 35.5 x 44 cm

Inventory number 51.2096.1-2
Collection Egyptian Art
On view This artwork is not on display

Among the numerous coffins manufactured for adults buried in the cachette tomb of the Theban Amun-priesthood discovered at Deir el-Bahari some coffins made for children were also found. Their inscriptions undoubtedly refer to the fact that priestly titles and burials were guaranteed practically for every Theban citizen of the Amun-theocracy, even in childhood. This coffin made for a girl is a finely elaborated piece although its gently decoration is worn off in many places. The striped wig is adorned by a wide head band above the forehead. The neck and the face are painted in light yellow. The main characteristic features of the coffin are the red straps crossed over the chest, imitating the real leather braces holding together the mummified body wrapped in linen bandages. The lid decoration comprises classical iconographic elements such as the winged sun disc, the celestial goddess with outstretched wings and the figures of different protective deities. The lower part of the lid is divided into two by a central inscription containing the name of the child, Nestanetjer. Although the inner decoration of the case is in quite poor condition, the traces of its yellow background colour can still be seen in a few patches.

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