Agriculture Giotto Andrea Pisano Giuseppe Lelli (cast maker)


Giotto Florence or Vespignano, ca. 1267 – Florence, 1337

Andrea Pisano Pontedera, ca. 1295 – Orvieto?, 1348/1349

Giuseppe Lelli (cast maker) Firenze

Date: 1334–1343
Medium: plaster cast
Dimensions: 97.5 × 94 × 11 cm
Type: relief
Inventory number: Rg.135
Collection: Sculpture

The construction of the bell tower of the Duomo in Florence began in 1334 based on the plans of Giotto di Bondone (1267–1337). After Giotto’s death, Andrea Pisano began to direct the work. The façade of the lower part of the tower is decorated by twenty-six hexagonal and twenty-eight rhombic marble reliefs in two rows, including the hexagonal relief allegorising agriculture. Attributed to Andrea Pisano, the carving, which depicts a farmer plowing with two oxen, is one of the reliefs depicting arts and crafts that are found on the east side of the bell tower.

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